Veterinary Padding

Dandy Products, Inc. in Goshen, OH offers veterinary padding for small and large animals. Check out
our products.  

For Large Animals

Recovery Room Padding Systems

Recovery room padding||||
Recovery room padding||||
Recovery room padding||||

All rooms and stalls are custom made, withwindows, outlets and handles cut out. Our padding is made of high-density foam covered in 22 oz. nylon-reinforced vinyl. You choose the density (soft - extra firm), thickness and height of pads. The padding is easy to maintain and clean. Installation is easy. Three mounting systems available: D-rings, Pressure Treated Wood Backed, and Velcro.

Table and Surgery Pads:  

Table and surgery pads||||
Table and surgery pads||||
Padded surgery table||||
  • Table and Surgery Pads for Recumbence and Dorsal Positions, Head and Leg Supports
  • Made of Open Cell Polyurethane Foam Covered in 22 oz. Vinyl
  • Foam Densities Available from Soft to Extra Firm
  • All Pads are Customized Sized and Made to Order
  • Handles and Velcro Attachments Available

Wedge Pads  

Blue wedge pads||||
Two wedge pads||||
Made of open cell polyurethane foam. Custom sized for large or small animals.

Knock Down and Floor Pads  

Knock down pads||||
A portable pad for surgery or a protective floor pad for recovery. 6” – 20” of high density open cell polyurethane foam covered in 22 oz. nylon reinforced vinyl. Easy to clean and maintain. Velcro handles make for easy transport. Custom sized.

Folding Head Pads

Folding head pad||||
A single pad that folds in three sections, each section 8" x 12". Made of open or closed cell foam. Overall measurement 24" x 12", 1" or 2" thick. Can be
custom sized.

Recumbence Troughs/Support Head Pads

Support head pad||||
A one piece V shaped trough. Made of open cell medium firm polyurethane foam covered in 22 oz. vinyl. 14” (T) x 18” (W) x 24” (L), trough 8” (W) x
6” (D).

Neonatal Foal Beds

Neo natal foal bed||||
Neonatal foal bed||||
80” (W) x 30” (H) x 36” (D)
3” thick high density, medium firm foam, covered in blue flame-retardant vinyl. Aluminum framed bottom, to protect when moving. Four individual pieces that velcro together for easy assembly. Can be
custom sized.


Veterinary Padding Wall & Specialty Padding Systems

Veterinary padding wall blue||||
We can pad any size or shape stock or swing gate. All are custom made of 1” – 6” thick high-density foam, covered in 22 oz. – 26 oz. nylon reinforced vinyl.

Easy to clean and disinfect. Our stock and gate pads withstand high traffic and heavy use.
Veterinary padding wall red||||

Kick Pads

Blue kick pads||||
Kick Pads - Do you have a Kicker? Well protect them and your walls with heavy duty Kick Pads. Made of 18 oz. nylon reinforced vinyl, covering 2’ high density foam. Grommets all the way around for
easy installation.
All padding can be custom sized, and come in a variety of colors

Trailer and Van Padding Systems

Folding van padding||||
Stall Padding - standard sizes
4’ x 6’, 4’ x 9’ & 4’ x 10’ standard 2” thick, for neurological cases or foaling stalls padding can be made 4” thick medium soft foam. A variety of colors are available.

Trailer/Van Padding -
standard sizes;
double stall 48”(H) x 40”(W) x 2”(T)
single stall 48”(H) x 37” W) x 2”(T)

Folding Van Pad- one piece folds into 3 sections, each section
48”(H) x 40”(W) x 2” (T)
Trailer and van padding||||

For Small Animals

Table and Surgery Pads

Table and surgery pads|||| 
These pads provide warmth and comfort during examination and surgery. Made from 1” or 2” thick fluid resistant closed cell foam, covered in 18 oz. – 22 oz. vinyl. Custom sized to your table. Easy to clean
and disinfect.

Kennel Mats  

Dog on kennel mat||||
A fluid resistant, comfortable and warm pad to keep your friend off the ground. Made of 1” or 2” closed cell foam, covered in 18 oz. – 22 oz. vinyl. Custom sized available. Standard Sizes-4’ x 4’, 2’ x 3’, 3’ x 4’.

Dandy Mats

Durable dandy mats||||
Heavy duty, durable rubber mats, made from recycled rubber. Smooth pebble texture on top, grooves on the bottom. Non-porous, fluid resistant, easy to clean and disinfect. Perfect for kennels, runs, and cages. Available in three sizes: 4’ x 6”, x ½”; 3’ x 4’ x ½”; and 2’ x 3’ x ½”. Black.

Mounting Systems:

  • Buckles & D-Rings
  • Slipover 1 Piece for Gates or Stocks

  • Velcro
  • Wood Backed

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