Horse and Barn Safety Mats

Dandy Products, Inc. in Goshen, OH provides high quality horse mats and safety surfaces. Take a look at our products.

Coco Mats  

Trailer ramp matting||||
Non-slip, easy grip trailer ramp matting. Made of authentic all natural woven coco fibers. Great in all weather. 1” thick. Sizes: 3’ x 6’ | 4’ x 6’ | 3’ x 10’ |
3’ x 12’ | 3’ 5” x 10’ | 3’ 5” x 12’ | 4’ x 10’

Grooming Mats and Runners  

Aisle Way Runners

Aisleway mat and stalls||||
Aisleway mat and entrance||||

A 4’ wide, any length, mat made of non-slip recycled tire rubber. Can be adhered down to cement or asphalt or simply rolled out. Two thicknesses available: ¼” and 3/8. Available in solid Black or Black speckled with Red, Green, Blue or Gray.  

Grooming and Wash Stall Mats

Aisle way runners||||
Made of recycled tire rubber. These ¼” mats are non-slip wet or dry, durable and easy to transport. They come 4’ wide, and length. Black only.
Standard size: 4’ x 8’. Weighs only 32 lbs.

Pavesafe Bricks  

Pavesafe brick flooring||||
Pavesafe in stable||||
The ultimate in barn flooring. Made of recycled tire rubber. These interlocking dog bone shaped rubber bricks are an attractive way of covering slippery cement or a dusty aisle way. They are slip resistant, excellent coefficient rate wet or dry. Unaffected by extreme temperatures or ice. A long lasting surface, great for high traffic areas. Easy to install. Available in 7/8” and 1 ¾” thick. Colors: Terracotta Red, Green and Black.

Wall Tiles

Floor and wall tiles||||
Made of recycled tire rubber. Same great product as the Pavesafe Bricks. Paver Tile: Dog Bone pattern,  or Smooth Top - 2’ x 2’. Wall Tiles: Available in 5/8” and 1 ¾” thick. Terracotta Red, Green and Black

Stall Mats

Three stall mats||||
Interlocking stall mat||||
You can't beat these stall mats. You'll get years of performance. Great for covering cement, asphalt, or dirt stalls. Straight edge or interlocking sizes available.

4’ x 6 ¾”
1 piece mat 12’ x 12’ | 14’ x 14’
Also available in 2 piece kits.

Water Jump Mats  

Big water jump mat||||
Now you can avoid unnecessary injuries with water jump mishaps, with our state of the art matting. Made of cushion soft rubber, adhere to the cement, painted Aqua Blue with safety grit for traction. Easy to install and maintain.

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