Pavesafe™ Bricks and Tiles

Paved surface outside of barn||||Brown pavesafe tiles||||
||||Cover that slippery cement or dusty dirt with these beautiful rubber-interlocking pavers. Made of recycled tire rubber. Slip resistant, excellent coefficient rate wet or dry, unaffected by extreme temperatures or ice. A long lasting surface, great for high traffic areas. Horses will walk with security and confidence. Easy
to install.

Available in Terracotta Red, Green, Gray or Black.

Bricks: 1 ¾” or 7/8” thick
Tiles: 24” x 24” or 20” x 40”
5/8”, and 1 ¾” thick




Paved surface of barn||||Paved surface with lawn||||

Pavesafe’s easy to install interlocking pavers and wall tiles provide long-lasting protection and comfort in paddock areas, tunnels, horsepaths, winner’s circles, saddling enclosures and sales facilities. Made possible by a unique proprietary re-bonding process, capable of converting 100% premium quality recycled rubber into a pristine, clean, low cost rubber material of superior physical properties, Pavesafe guarantees outstanding performance and longevity. No other product can match Pavesafe’s physical characteristics of exceptional durability, comfort and slip-resistance. It is easy to install and virtually maintenance-free, while creating an aesthetically pleasing and clean environment. The earthly colors and cobblestone nature of Pavesafe pavers enhance the appearance of any equine area, while replacing the dirty, dusty and slippery hard surfaces typically found there. Furthermore, horses remain calm and tension-free on this thick resilient rubber surface. Pavesafe provides clean, safe and comfortable conditions for conducting all of your equine activities. 


Flowers near paved surface||||
Pavesafe interlocking rubber pavers and wall tiles have been installed at leading racetracks and prominent stables worldwide. In the United States, Pavesafe has been installed at such notable race tracks as Keeneland in Lexington, KY, Belmont Park in Elmont, NY, and Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY.



Aisleways, Stalls and Wash Stalls

Pavesafe is the ideal surface for replacing dirty, dusty and hard slick surfaces normally found in barns. Pavesafe has an impressive record for slip resistance and safety. Pavesafe ensures safe footing in your barn aisleways and wash stalls. It’s co-efficient of friction test results, in both dry and wet conditions, far exceed those of concrete, asphalt or other resilient floor coverings. Reducing the possibility of injury is just another step towards providing the proper care for your invaluable horses.

In wash stalls, Pavesafe Wall Tiles, offer excellent shock absorption and protection if horses act up and kick while being washed.


||||Pavesafe pieces||||
After hundreds of installations and many years of research and testing, Pavesafe has been identified as the number one flooring choice in breeding barns. Pavesafe pavers replace the commonly used wood chips, thus controlling bacteria and dust. Moisture and fluids drain easily between the interlocking pavers, facilitating clean-up and maintenance.

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