Liverpools and Water Jumps

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Portable Liverpools and Water Jumps  

Made of heavy-duty durable vinyl and foam. Their construction makes them the toughest available. A proven performer at all major horse shows. They roll up for easy transport. Easy to clean and maintain.

Available Colors: Royal Blue, Black, Green, Red, Yellow, Gray, Tan and Brown.
Two color combinations; example: Blue with white trim, Blue with black trim.
2" rigid frame or 4" soft frame

Standard Sizes:

10'4" x 4'
10'5" x 6'
10' x 9'
11' x 5'
11' x 10'

Custom sizes available.


Blue portable liverpool||||Image of sea world||||

Long water jump||||Large blue liverpool||||

Round Liverpools

Big round liverpool||||
Round liverpool base||||

Available in 4’ and 5’ diameters. Made of heavy-duty durable vinyl and foam. Easily transported.

Foam Jumps  

White foam jump||||
Liverpool jump base||||

Available in various designs and colors. Blocks of foam covered in vinyl. 2 pieces -16” (T) x 12” (W) x 48”(L).

Vinyl Jumps

Green and white vinyl jump||||
Vinyl jump with daisies||||
Red and black vinyl jump||||
Brick wall Vinyl Jump||||


A Quick, easy way to add color to any course. Great for practicing Spooky jumps. For use indoors or outdoors. Will not fade or mildew. Lightweight, Great for horse show schooling areas.

Vinyl Banners 10' x 30", with velcro rail sleeves for attachment to a standard jump rail. elastic fasteners to secure to base of standard. Various designs and colors available.

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